Stop Raising Einstein

by Tara Kennedy-Kline

 Team Discovery Session Guide

At Stop Raising Einstein, we believe that the most important piece of creating Winning Individual Education Program - IEP Teams is the desire and willingness to get to know every member of the Team.  Everyone has unique likes, dislikes, traits achievements, gifts and behaviors that make them who they are.  The sooner we get to know about them, the sooner we see success!

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Something really cool about me that you may not know is:
The gift I believe I bring to the world is:
My favorite subject is:
Something that makes me happy is:
I get really frustrated when/by:
When I am happy or excited I _______:
When I am frustrated, confused or upset I ____________:
It helps me to calm down when I:
My “Traditions” (or routines) are:
I communicate best by:
I prefer to be contacted by:
I prefer to be contacted by when:
Something I am really proud of is:
My goals/intentions for this year is:
One of my big dreams is:
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